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Related article: Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 11:21:39 -0800
From: J Rho
Subject: Geek on Geek: Chapter 2Warning:This story will, but does not currently, contain descriptions of
consenting males engaging in sexual acts. If you don't want to read it, or
it is illegal for you to, then please leave. Also, Freaks and Geeks, and
all related characters, are property of Dreamworks. I intend no copyright
infringement. In truth, the rift between Sam and Neil had begun long ago, and had
only persisted in growing over the past few years. cp kdz gallery This was evidenced in
almost everything they did. Sure, they both still loved comedy and sci fi,
but there was alex cplover plenty difference. It seemed that they took turns being way
too mature for each other, and they just seemed to be more different all
the time, especially in their reactions to their sexual awakenings. The porno had been a godsend for Neil; he cp sex sites
watched it twice after
the others left, trying desperately to take it all in. He was very
intruiged. Whereas Sam was disgusted and scared by the sexual positions,
Neil began questioning it all. The most exciting baby rompl cp
for Neil was anal sex.
He'd never thought of anyone's ass as anything remotely attractive, let
alone as a sexual object, but this changed all that. It also changed his
view on sexuality in general. Neil began having dreams about anal sex. At first with women, and
then, gradually, men started entering his dreams. He disregarded them at
first, but his dreams slowly became dominated by nude male forms, and
eventually not just anal cp porn sex sex was happening. Neil was having all kinds of
subconcious fantasiesinvolving men, but he refused to acknowledge them for
the longest time. In the baby rompl cp end, however, he acceped the attraction, and men
became part of his waking fantasies too, though he told himself it was just
curiocity. The fact of his sexuality slowly became more evident as women
disapeared wholely from his thoughts. He no longer thought about breasts
and tried to enjoy them, and he let himself realize that the pleasure he
got from thinking of them could never compare to that of his new fantasies. The last straw was when he severed ties with Sam over Lindsey.
True, he loved her, but it was never anything like he felt now. It was an
innocent crush that he'd let grow into more than it ever was. It was his
last bit of heterosexuality, and when it was gone there was no denying it
to himself. He needed someone to share his burden, and the one person he
could trust, since his estrangement from his friends was Barry. Neil knew
he wouldn't tell anyone, but he could only hope that Barry wouldn't act
differently toward him. By the time cp naked galleries
the week was out, Neil would have his
answer.[Enjoy? Tell me about it. Intruiged? Tell me to write more.
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